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How Cryptocurrency Exchange Works ?

Our platform uses cryptocurrency’s own specifications to empower a secure route of exchanging numerous cryptocurrencies with a non trusty peer while not even a demand of the consolidated trusty third party.

1. TokyoTechie exchange software system matches the 2 folks, one commerce and therefore the different is shopping for the actual cryptocurrency.

2. In predefined steps, the exchange of the worth takes place. via a payment processor, the native currency is transferred which is able to support non-reversible payments.

3. For security, a small quantity of cryptocurrency from the native currency and marketer from the client is unbroken.

4. As primarily in agreement, the exchange continues till the client has al the cryptocurrency and therefore the marketer has all the money in traditional currency.


Cryptocurrency may be a trending point within the current business sphere. we tend to come back from a digital era, wherever several industries square measure evolving towards assimilatory cryptocurrency for his or her business attributable to the high potency, quicker, cheaper transactions. particularly a peer-peer exchange platform comes a long side a suburbanized, highly-secure, clear group action method.

We at Blockchain App manufactory, have a team of blockchain consultants, WHO have worked with many business entities, and helped them deliver the goods their goals with success.

We offer reliable white-label solutions and try towards building you a strong, climbable P2P exchange platform with newest blockchain technology.



Nadcab Technology

NADCAB TECHNOLOGY is a renowned mobile app development company & the Best MLM Software Development Company based in New York, USA & India, established in 2011.